Practice Philosophy

Can going to the dentist really be fun? At Creative Pediatric Dentistry we are committed to providing a comfortable, nurturing, and inviting environment for your child. We strive to create a unique and enjoyable experience while providing excellent dental care. Dr. Lizzie and her staff are excited to welcome your family to become a part of the Creative Pediatric Dentistry family.

We want you to feel like you are stepping into the home of a dear friend when you visit our office. We aim to develop your trust and confidence. We inspire to educate our patients to take charge of their oral health and to value the importance of a healthy smile.

Dr. Lizzie believes good oral health is learned at an early age. Old habits die hard, so why not start out with good habits. She strongly encourages bringing your child to the dentist by age 1 so they can begin a new journey of lifelong dental success!

Dr. Lizzie’s Tips for Success

Lead by Example

  • You are the most important teacher to your child
  • Brush and floss your teeth together with your child so they can see you making it a priority too
  • Leave the mountain dew and sour patch kids on the shelf. Buy healthy drinks and snacks at the store so they only have healthy options to choose from at home

Establish a Routine

  • Routine is extremely important for a young child. Just like they have a certain time they wake up and a certain time they go to bed, do this with brushing too.
  • Pick the same time everyday, morning and night, to brush and floss your child’s teeth
  • Even if you’re running late or your child just “doesn’t feel like doing it,” never skip brushing and flossing.

Purchase the Right Tools

  • Buy the appropriate size toothbrush for your child, a soft bristle is always your best bet. Be sure to change it every 3 months.
  • Floss picks are great for kids to practice with, but traditional flossing gets the job done right.
  • Make sure you buy a fluoridated toothpaste for kids that is ADA approved. For children younger than 1, you can skip the fluoride.
  • Mouthrinse is great for kids older than 6, the ACT brand is my favorite.