Since every child is unique, the need for dental X-ray films varies from child to child. Films are taken only after reviewing your child’s medical and dental histories and performing a clinical examination, and only when they are likely to yield information that a visual examination cannot.

In general, children need X-rays more often than adults. Their mouths grow and change rapidly. They are more susceptible than adults to tooth decay. For children with a high risk for tooth decay, the Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends X-ray examinations every six months to detect cavities developing between teeth. Children with a low risk of tooth decay require X-rays less frequently.

Pediatric dentists are particularly careful to minimize the exposure of child patients to radiation. Lead aprons, shields, and today’s equipment filters out unnecessary X-rays and restricts the x-ray beam to the area of interest. High-speed film, digital X-rays, and proper shielding assure that your child receives a minimal amount of radiation exposure.

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